Mistakes When Running On Treadmill

By | May 15, 2016

Running on a treadmill is a convenient way of maintaining fitness and keeping your body active every day. Treadmills are helpful even to runners who are used to outside running – specifically when the weather condition is not ideal for running, or if you’re simply too busy to prepare your full running gear and run outside.

Treadmill running can be an excellent means of keeping your body strong and fit. Though getting on a treadmill and start running seems easy and simple enough, there may be some common mistakes we tend to commit while running indoors. There are some seemingly trivial, simple practices runners do on the treadmill that can greatly affect their performance in the long run if not corrected sooner.

Running on a treadmill can be a monotonous, and well, sometimes boring activity, especially if you’re running alone at home. So, some of us would usually turn on the TV so we can have something to distract us while running.  Yes, watching a show or reading a magazine while running can distract you – but they can be too much of a distraction that you may be lured from your running goal. When you’re running while watching your favourite television show, there’s a possibility that you would lose focus on your posture or even your running pace.  You may want to stick to your favourite music to give you rhythm while running and remember to be focused with every step. Remember your goal for running, may it be to lose weight or just a daily workout routine to keep fit. You can always watch the television later, while you’re cooling down after the workout.

However, if you’re so used to running with the television on and you’re certain it won’t be a distraction, just make sure that your television is placed in a perfect spot that won’t affect your posture while running and trying to see the television screen at the same time. Craning your neck or leaning to your side while on the treadmill will affect your posture, your balance, and may also cause injuries. Ensure that you place your TV in a position wherein you don’t have to lean or turn your head just to see it. Maintain straight posture while you run.

Another mistake treadmill runners usually overlook is relying on the treadmill’s handle bars for support. While those handle bars were added for a specific reason (yes, safety), when you use it to support you while running, you actually let it carry some of your body weight. Your body would be a bit more relaxed but you may not be able to burn as much calories as you would if you’re not holding on to them. Also, the idea when you run on a treadmill should be to get the same fitness benefits as you would when you run outside – and when you run outdoors, you don’t actually get the luxury of having something to physically lean onto.

One mistake you should avoid when you’re running on the treadmill is to sticking to the very same running routine every day. If you want to get different results, you have to adjust you running workout, too. Try changing your speed for a day, go faster or go slower. Change your pace, change your running intensity, and maybe even change the incline. You’ll achieve different results if you try to modify some aspects of your running habit.

Setting the incline on the treadmill too high is another mistake. Even if you run outside or when you engage in trail running, you don’t usually climb steep steps for hours. Adjust your incline to match what you would realistically encounter if you run outside.

Some runners who use the treadmill are just too busy to run outside that they tend to skip warming up. Warming up is essential in preparation for running – even if it’s just a treadmill run. Make sure you warm up to lessen post-workout body pains and to avoid injuries.

Treadmill running is a handy and excellent way of taking care of your body even when you’re just indoors. You can enjoy and maximise the amazing health benefits of running on a treadmill at a much sooner time if the workout is done correctly.

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